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Weeknotes: Alpha Web Team 27/05/2016

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This week, we have mainly spent time shadowing different offices in the House of Commons and House of Lords to gain a better understanding of the core role of Parliament and the Houses’ strategies.

  • Giuseppe and Kheira shadowed the Commons Public Information Office
  • Kheira shadowed the Commons Library
  • Rebecca shadowed the Lords library
  • Jack, Rebecca and Giuseppe shadowed the Indexing team (IDMS)
  • Jack shadowed the Table Office

We also met with a number of colleagues in both Houses to learn more about procedures, the passage of a bill in both Houses, information management and communication and engagement strategies in the Commons and the Lords.

Kheira and Jack met with the learning project team in the Commons (Education) to discuss teachers’ needs for curriculum resources about Parliament and establish a research plan.

Giuseppe began exploring linked data with Samu and used a tool called Tripod which is very similar to active record but it translates into sparql requests.

Kheira has been affinity sorting the early findings of interviews with specialist users.

Jack continued to work on prototype kit.




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