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Weeknotes: Alpha Web Team 15/05/2016

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This is the (late) first of a series of week notes from the Parliament’s website alpha team.

This week we took a step back from creating prototypes and ran a one-week research sprints.

Rebecca, Giuseppe and Steve have been working on a proof of concept so that they can test out the continuous delivery pipeline. This has included working together to harness the power of Docker both for local development and deployments.

They have created two rails apps to practice working with a data api. This was also to demonstrate quick prototyping in four days and they used rails in a non-standard way (ie: no database). The proof of concept was created using information from members of both houses. Work was also done around BDD and TDD in continuous integration and caching data using Redis.

Jack and Gareth have been looking at different websites and visual identities used across Parliament.

Michael gave a talk on linked data. He is also looking at the enquiries database for both houses.

We received a number of talks from colleagues outside of the website alpha team. Steve Wade talked about Continuous Deployment and Ed White gave a talk on ‘How Parliament Works’.

Kheira interviewed a journalist, a researcher and a digital comms person. She also met with the Doteveryone MP mentors and looked at different user testing software options.

Dan Barratt had a conference call with the ODI. It was about working with them as part of our Discovery for the next iteration for data.parliament. We also spoke about the composition of the team and the need for community management. That's something we didn't get right with the data.parliament project.

Ganesh along with Kheira had a discussion with Cristina Leston-Bandeira on Petitions and public engagement. He also created a Googlebot persona for our products to meet and met with the Lords enquiry service with others to further understand their work.

We all took part in an evening recruitment event discussing the new roles that are coming up in Parliament.

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