1. Mike

    I subscribe to the Downing Street Says PMQs podcast, it's a great way to listen to important excerpts from Parliament. I download from an RSS feed, so as yet am unable to download your official version.
    I'd love to see an official PMQs podcast RSS, so I can access the official recording.

    I actually come across this page looking for a recording the Autumn Statement. I'd love to see a podcast (with RSS feed) of recordings of the 'big' parliamentary business: budgets, statements, maybe the occasional urgent question, if deemed interesting enough.

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    • Matt Instone

      Hi Mike

      If you used to subscribe to the Downing Street Says PMQs podcast on iTunes you are now receiving the official PMQs podcast. We've taken over this feed (with the agreement of Downing Street Says) and we have therefore inherited their subscribers.

      Thanks for your feedback about content. I put the Autumn Statement on our SoundCloud account but I didn't include it in the PMQs RSS. I thought as the feed was advertised as a PMQs podcast I didn't want to confuse matters by adding non-PMQs content.

      It's interesting to hear that you were looking to listen to the Autumn Statement. Perhaps in the future I'll add things like the Budget and the Queen's Speech to the PMQs RSS. It's a bit more tricky for us to decide what constitutes other 'big' parliamentary business, it's really important that we remain editorially impartial, but including all statements and urgent questions might work.

      I wouldn't want to dilute the PMQs podcast too much by adding a lot of other content but perhaps there's more of an appetite for a general Parliament/House of Commons podcast than I thought.



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